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Pimp Post part 3

Kato Shigeaki: The Smart one
(7.11.1987) 22

I'm just going to put a disclaimer on this one. Shige is my favorite Johnny's boy of all time. So yeah. His section might be a biiit more biased than the rest >.<

Kato Shigeaki, or just Shige, is the second youngest (currently active) member of NEWS. He's also been in JE the 4th longest. Shige is known to many fans as the "smart one" A long with being in NEWS Shige attends Aoyama Gakuin University (a top rated University in Japan) studying LAW. He originally wanted to get into Keio, but he slacked off on his studying for a while after he became a Jr. Shige is also described as someone who's "brain works very fast." Normally when NEWS has meetings about concerts they always start with Shige's ideas first (apparently he also takes notes very diligently at meetings about concerts too!). He's really artistic too! He plays guitar and writes music (he's written a few of his solos and some songs for NEWS). He's good at drawing and really good at photography! Shige surely is an intellectual!!! He's also got this awesome deep voice that is wonderful to listen to!!

But, Shige...he is kinda...lacking in the areas that are important to an idol (and I'm saying this as a HUGE Shige fan). He's not the best actor (but he's getting better!!! and he's better at Stage plays than dramas anyway), not the best dancer and not the best singer. But Shige really does give his all. and it's not like he's HORRIBLE. No way is he horrible. He's just...average at everything. But Shige really does try his best and he always tries to put on the best show he can (you can see it in his performance and the energy he gives off when he performs). He's been improving a lot! Shige has come a very long way from when NEWS was first formed!!!

Shige was fairly popular as a Jr. Definitely not on the same level as Yamapi or Ryo-chan, but I guess he was...a B-list Jr? Or very low A-list. He got to hold the microphone after only a few months of becoming a Jr. (which is kind of a big deal) He got a lot of big opportunities as junior. One of the most note able is his role in the famous 3nen Bgumi Kinpachi-sensei drama. He plays the most adorable good natured perfect boy. . He used to think he was pretty cool shit back then (not that he wasn't.....just...not as cool as Yamapi apparently). Shige was a little stuck up as Jr...but that kinda changed when he got to debut with NEWS.

Shige has said that in the early days of NEWS he really felt like quitting. He said he finally noticed how much more popular Yamapi and Ryo were and he felt like he was useless in NEWS. He never got to talk on TV programs and his Uchiwas wouldn't sell very many at concerts (that means he didn't have many fans...) It got to the point where he was randomly cry during rehearsals because he was so overwhelmed (it kinda freaked the other member out but he just brushed it off as having a bad day). But Shige didn't quit because he realized how much he loved being an idol.

NEWS's Hiatus, even as Sad as it was, it was really good for Shige. It made him realize how important he was to NEWS and that he had a place in NEWS. He spent the hiatus working on himself. He also gained a lot more popularity during the Hiatus due to his Jweb diary. Shige is good at writing and storytelling and his Jweb is freaking Hilarious. He writes it from the the perspective of an Imaginary cat (which has been named Wagahai by fans. The idea came from Shige's favorite book Wagahai wa Neko de aru by Natsume Souseki) The Jweb documents all the misfortunes and amusing things that happen to Kato Shigeaki. He also has a essay column in the Idol magazine Myojo. The essay column is really awesome too!!! you can read it all on shigesuki. His writings gained him a lot of fans. Also in 2007 he became reeeeaally hot. Got a hair cut and looks freaking awesome in a suit. yay! shige. Plus he's not COMEPLTELY made of fail. He's cool sometimes too!

While wandering around the NEWS fandom you might find people associating the word "elite" with Shige. This comes from Shige's episode of Shonen Club Premium (**download that one too) where he jokingly says he was an "elite jr" The joke was drawn out by the host on the show and I'm not too sure how Shige liked the use of the word (you can kinda see it in his face when he says it...). Shige is often seen as "stuck up" because of this joke. if you really look at Shige you can see that he's actually still very self conscious, and while he puts up a cool front, he's always being very careful about what he does.

Random Shige Facts:
He's best friends with Koyama. They've been together for 8 years and they've had ONE fight in all of those years. BFFs 4 LIFE yo.
He's good friends with kusano
He's terrified of Caterpillars
Shige was Ryo's favorite target to tease and make fun of (but Shige really respects Ryo!)
Shige loves cats, but sadly he's allergic (so he has a dog instead. nana...who was given to him by Yooko of Kis-my-ft2)
Shige has been in two stage plays; one was a one man show that he wrote and the other was a really cool mystery. Shige played a Sex addict. Watch the Double Kato Kiss! (He's kissing Kato Natsuki)
Shige is the one who is always bullied in NEWS. but they love him anyway <3

More Shige videos!
Happy Music
Tambourine (singing is not the greatest....I think he was sick this day....)
As a Geisha (Koyama's reaction is WONDERFUL)
Talking about the touch album His laugh is really cute at the end.
Koyama and Shige being weird
Perhaps the cutest yet most perverted song ever

Masuda Takahisa: the one that smiles sunshine
(7.4.1086) 23

Massu has been in Johnny's the 3rd longest and He's got one of the best voices. There are three main things about Massu that I would like to point out.
1) His Smile. This boy's smile just makes you want to smile along with him. It's filled with sunshine! Everyone in NEWS says that Massu's smile gives them energy and it makes the room feel brighter.
2) His dancing. Massu is probably the best dancer in NEWS. He's really athletic (he runs fast, swims fast, and can do 100 push ups in a minute. Oh and look at his ARMS). He remembers dances really well too. After NEWS came back from their hiatus, he was pretty much the only one who remembered all the dances to all the songs. Massu had to teach them all~
3) His Fashion sense. Massu is really into fashion, but one might not know that from the way he dresses. He doesn't dress BADLY. He just likes bright colors and fun patterns. NEWS always says how Massu's fashion sense is really weird and how they don't get it. But slowly he's been influencing the other NEWS members (Koyama said that Massu wears like...shorts with boots and recently Tegoshi and Shige have been doing the same ^__^)

Massu is a quite person. He doesn't say much during the MC portions of concerts and when he does everything gets kinda.....awkward >.< But when Massu sings it's not awkward at all ^__^ Massu's voice is realllllly pretty.

Massu also loves to eat!!! His favorite food is gyoza and he has said that his ideal girl is one who loves gyoza too! (how cute~~) Massu is described as always eating. He loves pork too. NEWS jokes around that Massu is a pig. Massu just laughs it off because he knows they love him and Look at him! Definitely not a pig.

Massu is good friends with Tegoshi. Not to the extent that Koyama and Shige are, but out of all the NEWS members Massu is closest to Tegoshi. Massu was the first person to talk to Tegoshi in NEWS. They are a good combination and sound amazing together!

Honestly, I don't know a lot about Massu as a Jr. He was a part of Kis-my-ft very briefly. He wasn't extremely popular though. He did a lot of backdancing for senpai groups. He was obviously picked for NEWS because of his Singing and dancing skills. He's set to be on Shonen Club Premium this month so we'll find more about his Jr. days and his thoughts about NEWS when that is aired. I'll edit this when we do find out!! ^_^

Massu Facts!
He drew the logo for NEWS's Pacific tour
One of his best friends in Nakamaru Yuichi from KAT-TUN
Massu and Maru were in the drama RESCUE. It's a bout Firefighters. Lots of naked Massu
Massu always has the same hairstyle (the length and color sometimes changes but its basically the same). He had to cut it differently for RESCUE reverted back to the normal hairstyle halfway through ><

Massu Videos!
Akatsuki (I LOVE this solo)
It's BAD (aka the sexy fitness instructor song)
He did this skit on Ya-Ya-yah with Shoon. Honey and Darling Just watch ^____^
Look how strong he is!

Tegoshi Yuya: The cute one
(11.11.1987) 21

Tegoshi is the second youngest member of NEWS and the best at sining. Tegoshi joined Johnny's around 8 months before he debuted. He was picked most definitely for his singing ability. Since his time as a Jr. was so short he didn't have the time to develop the modeling/dancing skills that most boys learn. He was really average looking when he joined. He had no idea what the heck he was doing. He didn't know how to pose of pictures properly, what to do when he was on TV and his dancing SUCKED. Tegoshi didn't even really LIKE singing that much (that is until he went to Las Vegas and saw a Celin Dion concert and CRIED because it was "so beautiful"). Tegoshi really wanted to quit, but he ended up staying. And we're glad he did!!!

Right before the Hiatus Tegoshi started to grow-up. His face started to mature and he started to look really good! During the hiatus period Tegoshi worked with Massu a lot on dancing. He worked on his fashion and his face really grew up! Puberty was good to Tegoshi!!! He's really good at dancing and he seems to know exactly what the fans want to see aka he's a little slutty

Tegoshi likes to be spoiled. He's cute and he knows how to get what he wants. Koyama falls victim to Tegoshi's cuteness all the time. Sometimes Koyama ends up packing Tegoshi's bag before a trip. Ryo-chan spoils Tegoshi a lot. He lets Tegoshi sit in his lap and takes him shopping and stuff. Nagase Tomoya from TOKIO said that Tegoshi is cute, but he's got this evil little streak in him that helps him get whatever he wants. Tegoshi is good friends with Nagase and pretty much the rest of TOKIO. TOKIO lets Tegoshi play soccer with them! Tegoshi LOVES soccer! He says he plays about 3 times a week. He's really competitive and really gets into sports. His soccer team lost a game at a tournament and he went and cried by himself for hour. He's really competitive

Tegoshi is a pretty good actor too! He's been in a few dramas and he does a good job! My Boss My Hero is probably the most famous one. That drama is AMAZING (there is actually no Tegoshi in that clip, but it's hilarious anway. They're running to get PUDDING) . He got to do the voice of Mumble from Happy Feet for the Japanese dub. He was also in something called Shakabe which has to do with ghosts and stuff. I've never actually seen it so I don't really know a lot about it >.< Apparently it's good. There are like...1 or 2 sequels. He's also in a movie that is based off the American book, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. There is no release date yet, but filming has finished. He plays a nerdy but really nice guy (and possible love interest for the main character ^_^)

Random Tegoshi facts
He's a University student at Waseda (like second best university in Japan) studying Psychology. He's doing distance learning though.
He's on a Show called Sekai no Hatte Made ItteQ. Which deals a lot with different things around the world. Once in a while there is a "Festival Special" that Tegoshi participates in. Along with Miyagawa Daisuke and the "helmet ojisan" (I forgot the guys name...) they go to a werid festival somewhere around the world. Here they are in Wisconsin.
Comedian Imoto Ayako is a HUGE Tegoshi fan. She's on ItteQ Also. She was also the Marathon runner for 24HRTV and Tegoshi promised to hug her when she finished. Cutest Hug EVER
He was given a Pose to do when he introduces himself a concerts by Domoto Tsuyoshi (from Kinki Kids) Tegoshi desu!

Tegoshi Videos!
Ai Nante
Stars</s> (the he rewrote the lyrics from one of NEWS's old songs called Pain)
YOU~The world is yours
He likes MAGIC
He writes creepy lyrics too
He's cute

Tegoshi's episode of Shonen Club premium

Part 4!!!
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