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Pimp Post part 4!

Uchi Hiroki: The Princess
9.10.1986 (23)

Uchi Hiroki!! So I already explained all of he drama with his suspension and stuff so I won't do that again here. Uchi is from Osaka and was in Kanjani 8 along with Ryo. Uchi is kinda a princess. He's really PRETTY and kind of a wimp. He's got some of the best reactions though.

As a Jr. Uchi was apart of a band called V WEST (that's Five West. Those roman numerals are tricky). It was mostly made up of some of the current Kanjani 8 members (Yasuda Shota, Maruyama Ryuhei and Ohkura Tadayoshi. There were some other kids in there too but they quit so they don't matter). Uchi mostly hung out with the Kansai Jrs. and V West.

I think Uchi is the type of person who gets along with everyone. You can see in early footage of NEWS Uchi screwing around with Koyama, Shige and Kusano. He's friendly with everyone in NEWS. Uchi and Shige have a relationship based on calling each other names and poking fun at each other (but really...who doesn't make fun of Shige? ^_^). Uchi's really friendly with Koyama too.

Uchi and Ryo are BFF. I'm not exactly sure how they became friends. I think they were just put together a lot cause they're both really good looking. They're super close. They're really similar in the way that they like to laugh at others misfortunes. At some point Uchi said he had a Key to Ryo-chan's house. During Uchi's suspension Ryo wrote him a series of Six letters. Uchi was in tears after reading them and called Ryo right away while crying. Ryo basically told Uchi to not call him until he stopped crying >.< Ryo has really been Uchi's biggest support. Here's something I've only just realized. When Uchi was suspended he was working on the drama Ganbatte Ikimassho along with Ryo. Uchi only got through 2 episodes and then was suspended (Taguchi Junnosuke from KAT-TUN took over the role). Then the first drama that Uchi did when He came back also had Ryo in it!!

So what has Uchi been up to lately? Well after he became a Jr. again in January 2008 he did the dram Isshun ni Kaze nare. Then he did another drama called Osen (which is reallly funny and awesome!! Uchi is hilarious in it). He gotten to do Solo concerts too! (well sorta solo concerts...Kinda like Kansai Jr. Featuring Uchi Hiroki concerts but the main focus has been Uchi). He was in this year's production of PLAYZONE which was handed over from Shonentai to Kis-my-ft2. Johnny is doing a good job at keeping Uchi active without giving his fans any idea on what's going to happen to him. It's been two years since his return to activities, but we still don't know if he'll ever return to NEWS or Kanjani 8. : /

Uchi facts!!
When it was announced that Uchi would return as a Jr. He went to a NEWS concert and ran around the stage in a a sort of victory lap during the encore.
He really likes the color pink.
He really likes golf and learned how to ride a horse during his hiatus.
HE was allowed to sing at the 08-09 Johnny's Countdown!

Uchi Videos
Hi Hi HiRocky!
At his comback concert NEWS and K8 songs (ignore the girl taking the video's singing...)
Recent Performance of Master Key
Older Performance of Master Key
Uchi and Ryo almost Kiss

Kusano Hironori: The goofball
2.15.1988 (21)

Kusano is that kid in your class who makes stupid jokes, laughs at everything and is friends with EVERYONE. Kusano is stupid, annoying, and loud..but in all the right ways. Kusano, as a Jr., was a really big fan of Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN. Kusano is an adorable fanboy. He was in the Jr. group KKKity (previously known as J-support) along with Koyama and Shige. Kusano, Koyama and Shige (otherwise known as K.K.K.) were all regulars on the Ya-Ya-yah show. You can see how ridiculous he is. He had the Kusanoman skits which are kinda weird but really funny!

Kusano may be kinda weird but he's got some serious talent. He's REALLY good at dancing and he's arguably the best singer in NEWS (some people say Tegoshi's the best, some say it's Kusano...some say it's Taka). Kusano seems like he has no problem being up on stage in front of people. He's a great performer and he's got a lot of energy.

I consider Kusano kind of like a bridge in NEWS. He's the one who really crossed the barrier between the group. He's very good friends with Koyama and Shige, but he's also really close to Yamapi. Kusano is good friends with Akanishi Jin from KAT-TUN. They seem to go clubbing a lot together.

Even though Kusano is a Jr. now he hasn't done ANYTHING since playzone. Apparently he was in New York for a year or so. He's been back for a while now, but he still hasn't done anything with Johnny's at all. Fans don't know if he quit or if he's still with the company or not. A lot of fans would really like some answers on Kusano. It saves us a TINY bit of heartbreak.

Kusano facts!
He goes to college! He goes to Hosei University and studies Career Planning.
He runs really fast. While playing a hide and seek game he Lost the cameraman

...sorry about the lack of Kusano facts....

Kusano Videos
She's all mine
All the Jrs.are jealous that Kusano loves Kame
Being woken up by Kame and JIn
Scaring Massu with a bug
Sennen no love song with KKKity

Moriuchi Takahiro
April 17, 1988 (21)
Moriuchi Takahiro is the 9th member or NEWS that quit shortly after the group was formed. Basically after all of the volleyball things ended, He quit.

I'm going to include info about Moriuchi because I love him.
Moriuchi actually isn't Moriuchi anymore. He's Morita, he goes by TAKA. After Taka quit JE, his father, a Enka singer Shinichi Mori, disowned him. Taka's parents divorced and he took his mother's name. Taka had a really hard time until he formed his band ONE OK ROCK (pronounced like "one o'clock"). Once ONE OK ROCK got going Taka fixed things with his dad.

ONE OK ROCK is an AMAZINGband. Seriously. Taka loves that band and loves Music SO MUCH. Taka's voice is amazing. Better than Tegoshi. If he was still in NEWS he'd be the best singer. Recently OOR almost got a big break. They were going to do the theme song for the drama God Hand Teru, but one of the guys in the band got arrested for sexual harassment. Their tour was canceled and the theme song was pulled. The band went on hiatus for a little bit to decide what to do. The member who got arrested quit the band and now ONE OK ROCK is back. They have a tour planed for September.

If Taka was still in NEWS he'd be the best singer by FAR. You an hear him in NEWS Nippon. But really, Taka fits better with ONE OK ROCK. I honestly think that his talents would be wasted if he was still in Johnny's. but it would kinda interesting to see what he'd be like in NEWS now

Seriously. check out ONE OK ROCK. They're awesome.

ALSO: The Moriuchi you see in old clips of Ya-ya-yah. That is NOT the Moriuchi of NEWS/ONE OK ROCK. That's his little brother.

Part 5!
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