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Pimp Post part 5!!

Music! (cause that's what we're all here for right?)

NEWS Nippon- NEWS Nippon is NEWS's first single, but it is not their "debut single." This single was released on November 7, 2003, but it was not sold in regular cds stores (so it wasn't counted on the Oricon charts). NEWS Nippon was only sold in 7-11 stores Here's the commercial! It was used as the Image song for the Women's Volleyball World Cup. During NEWS's first concert in Taiwan they sang part of this song in Chinese~ It was pretty cool. I really like this song. It's a lot of fun! This is the only PV that TAKA is in.

Kibou~ Yell- Their official Debut Single. Also known as the one with the horrible rose print outfits (personally I think their funny, but most fans think they're gross >.<) Kibou~ Yell was released on May 12th 2004 and it debuted at number 1 on the Oricon Charts. This song features some FANTASTIC's wonderful (Kibou~ Yell is my personal Favorite NEWS song)

Akaku Moyuru Taiyou- Relased on August 11, 2004, NEWS's 3rd single and Number 1 on the Oricon charts. The PV looks like it was made on a $10 budget and they wear ASCOTS. It's a high energy song that has fast dancing. I don't really know what to say about this song : / It looks like its fun at concerts! Oh also this song was written by two swedish composers and was featured in the documentary "Tokyo Superstars" (more on that later ^__^)

Cherish- Released March 16, 2005 also number on on Oricon (seeing a trend ^__^) Cherish seems to be the fan favorite song. It's a very nice song ^_^ It's the PV with the fangirls~~ The dance to this song is really neat and looks cool at concerts. NEWS wears pink gloves and's good! ^_^

Teppen- Released July 13, 2005 and number one on Oricon. NEWS playing SPORTS in about an inch of WATER. It's really cool and fun and happy! The dance to this one is fun too! The costumes associated with this song are neat too! This is, unfortunately, the last PV/song that has Kusano and Uchi T__T There is an edited version on the Pacific album but really...listen to the original version with all 8 members. This song is also one of the Fan favorites ^__^

Sayaendou/Hadashi no Cinderella Boy- Released March 15, 2006 and number on on Oricon. NEWS's last single before their Hiatus and NEWS's only double A side single. There is only a PV for Sayaendou. Actually there are TWO PVs for this song! Sayaendou was used as the Theme song for the 7th One Piece movie so there is a PV that is just animation from the movie. That was the only PV for a while until NEWS announced their comeback. The NEWS pv features some concert footage and cut animations of NEWS as pirates. Hadashi no Cinderella Boy was used as the theme song for Uchi's comeback drama "Isshun Kaze ni Nare"
These songs only have the current 6 members, but there was apparently a version played on the Radio that had Kusano in it (they edited him out). Unfortunately, no one has been able to find this version (but we're always on the look out for it!!)

Hoshi wo Mezashite- Released March 21, 2007 and once again number 1 ^__^ This song is NEWS's first single after their Hiatus. This song is very special for NEWS and their fans. Although NEWS did not write the lyrics to this song fits them and their situation perfectly. This song is very pretty during concerts! Minna Iru Kai?

WeeeeK- Released November 7, 2007 at number 1 on Oricon. This song was written for NEWS by the popular band GReeeeN. It's very energetic and the lyrics are uplifting. The PV is full of memeber ai and incredibly cute.

Taiyou no Namida- Released February 27, 2008. Number one on Oricon. This is the emo song. It was used as the theme song for Yamapi's movie, Kurosagi: The Movie. There are two versions of the PV. One is the Movie version which has footage from the Kurosagi movie. The NEWS version has NEWS being generally emo and dancing in the rain. Not one of their most memorable songs, but its still good.

Summer Time- Released May 8, 2008 and number one on Oricon. Summer Time is a cute song for summer!! The PV has NEWS basically fooling around in a beach house. I'm glad that NEWS can make PVs like this now!! They get along well!!! Summer Time has the KoyaShige rap portion which is nice since they haven't really done it in a while ^_^

Happy Birthday- Released October 1, 2008 number one on Oricon. This song was written for NEWS by popular musician SEAMO. It was used to promote a line of cosmetics called Happy Bathday. The PV has a lot of cardboard props. I think Fans generally think that this song and PV is kinda...weird. But like everything NEWS it's cute and dorky ^__^

Koi no ABO- Released April 29, 2008 number one on Oricon. This SONGGGG! First off it's a DISCO SONG. But its AMAZING. Serioulsy. I think this song just speaks for itself. Go watch listen and bask in the amazing dorkiness that is NEWS.

Songs that aren't singles but still note worthy: (it's hard to pick out songs to recommend because I just want to say ALL OF THEM!! so I picked some I think are fan favorites and then some of my personal favorites)

I.ZA.NA.I.ZU.KI- This song was originally performed at Summary. I love this song~ watch out for Shige's "kuchizuke wo" in the N.E.W.S dvd

Snow Express- Lots of fans really love this song! it's a little addicting~ yamapi has a cool rap in it (lots of english~)

Dreams- This song is really nice. This video is from their comback tour. Ryo changed some of the lyrics. Koyama and Shige and I think Massu cry in this performance

Share- This song is important. It was written by NEWS. The verse that each of them sing is the one they wrote (so koyama sings the words he wrote). Translation This song is really important to NEWS and their fans. It's all about their feelings towards each other and their fans. They sang it live at Tokyo Dome for their 2008-2009 concert tour. I cry EVERY TIME I listen to this song and read the lyrics.

Bambina If you like Tegoshi and his singing you'll really like this song!! Tegoshi really likes this song too! While planing the 2008/2009 tour Tegoshi put it up on their list of songs they want to sing. While Tegoshi went to the bathroom the rest of NEWS erased it. Somehow they ended up singing it anyway.

Ai no Matador- This song! It's a sexy song! It's basically about a one night stand >< It features the famous "Ima wa" dance move. (watch the backstage stuff on the Pacific dvd)

Kirameki no kanata e- I don't really know how popular this song is but this song really makes me feel happy!

Fly Again- This is another song that just really makes me happy. It's from their most recent album Color!

Ginza Rhapsody- This is a fancam, so the quality isn't very good. It's a duet written by Koyama and Yamapi! It's really cool!!!

Road This is a duet written by Shige and Yamapi. It's from 2005 I think. There is a fancam of it, but I can't find it :/

Shock me- This song is high energy, has cool dancing and it's a lot of fun! IMA SHOCK ME!

NEWS has 3 albums.
Touch, Pacific and Color

I don't have time to upload their entire discography but e7erlasting uploaded it all!
Discography here (no Tegomasu)
Also all of their PVs

NEWS Nippon 0304
(April 7, 2004)
This DVD basically follows NEWS through their formation. You get to see their confusion at not knowing why they have been put together. It follows them through their activities as Volleyball supporters too. There is lots of adorable dorkiness.
Some clips: Ryo and Uchi fail as parents KKK playing tricks Yamapi doesn't like his new Haircut Koyama forgets his boots right before a show
**Subtitled by bakanosekai but you have to join to get their subs***

Never Ending Wonderful Story
(August 8, 2007)
This DVD is their comeback concert. The concert is very nice and there is LOTS of backstage stuff. You get to see Koyama and Shige being dorks in their hotel room and Tegoshi performs a magic show! There is also a special "food segment" Shige has some unfortunate experiences in this ^__^
**part one and part 2 Part 3 part 4 all subbed by newshfan
It's also on :youtube

NEWS Concert Tour Pacific 2007-2008- First Concert in Tokyo Dome
(August 13, 2008)
This is a DVD of NEWS's first ever concert in Tokyo Dome! Tokyo Dome is a special thing for them! It was Yamapi's dream to have a concert in Tokyo Dome. Once again a fun concert! NEWS concerts are always fun!!! ^__^ This DVD also comes with a backstage documentary which features more adorable dorkiness. This DVD also had a special Documentary on their concert in Taiwan. You get to see portions of the concert, some of the MC, a bit of their rehearsal and some other stuff. Judging by the crowd at the airport, NEWS seems to be popular in Taiwan.
Subbed by newshfan
Also on youtube

Special Units

TegoMassu- TegoMassu is a special vocal unit made up of Tegoshi and Masuda (bet you couldn't have guessed that one!). They debuted in 2006 (during NEWS's Hiatus) in SWEDEN. Why? Probably because a lot of JE songs are written by swedish song writers. Miso Soup was their first single and they originally released it in ENGLISH. I think TegoMassu was supposed to be a temporary group originally, but Miso Soup was such a success that they continued to release singles (though only one a year). They just experienced their first ever live concert tour in the Summer of 2009. TegoMassu is full of sparkles and smiles and happiness. An adorable duo of extreme cuteness ^__^

Miso Soup- TegoMassu's first single. In English and Japanese. Swedish version was released on November 15, 2006 in Sweden and the Japanese version was released on December 20, 206 in Japan. Miso Soup ranked number one on the Oricon charts.

Kiss~ Kaerimichi no Love Song- Released May 16, 2007 at number 2 on Oricon. This song was used for the ending theme of the anime Lovely Complex (the coupling track Kimi + boku= love was the opening). Features super sweet lyrics that only TegoMassu could pull off.

Ai Ai Gasa- Released June 18, 2008 at number one on Oricon. TegoMassu are angles of LOVE! And they make it RAIN! I personally love this song. It's so sweet (like everything Tegomassu) and everytime it rains I want to listen to this song! ^__^

Tanabata Matsuri- Released July 8, 2009 at number 1 on Oricon. This single was also released in Sweden. TegoMassu was supposed to return to Sweden or a release event, but due to the dreaded swine flu, it was decided that they better not : / This song is like in style but super cute! Very Summery ^_^

Tegomasu no Uta- Released July 15. 2009 Tegomasu's first album! It's got a lot of good songs on it! There is the song Chicken Boy which Tegoshi wrote the music and Massu wrote the lyrics. It's A LOT nicer than the title sounds ^_^

Concert DVD is coming!!!!

Seishun Amigo. This single is from one of Yamapi's Temporary groups, Shuji To Akira. This duo was formed because of the the drama Nobuta wo Produce. Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN plays Shuji and Akira is Yamapi. This song is VERY GOOD. It's one of Japan's fastest selling singles. It's loved by all sorts of people; from middle school girls to salarymen. It's got a fun dance too! I also think it's one of the songs you HAVE to know if you're in to Johnny's. Yes it came out in 2005, but it's extremely popular and it's still be performed (not necessarily by Kame and Pi togehter, sometimes its Kame and Jin or Pi and Ryo). Basically if you're into Johnny's please Know this song. I don't care if you don't like it...just listen to it and know it.

Daite Senorita- Yamapis' solo single! It was the theme song for his drama Kurosagi! It's a fun song! I don't really know what else to say about this song.... Listen and Enjoy!!

Fever to Future- A single released for Volleyball Support from the Temporary Group Kitty GYM. The "kitty" part is made up of a bunch of Jrs. that I never really paied attention to who they were (all I know is Yaotome Hikaru is in there) but the IMPORTANT part is the GYM. Which stands for Golf, Yamapi, Mike. Golf and Mike (they're stage names okay >.<) are actually from the Thai branch of Johnny's. They had some brief activity in Japan after Fever to Future but they weren't too popular : / The PV for this song is craazzzzzyyyy. There are cheesy futuristic motorcycles, Volleyballs of death and afros....lots of afros. The song is fun though~~
Oh look! They sing part of it in Thai!

Summary of Johnny's World
(April 19, 2005)
A show done with KAT-TUN. It got a lot of good stuff to it. Uchi and Ryo are not in this show. You get things like NEWS (sans yamapi) pretending to be Arashi (which is actually really good!!), Lots of feather boa goodness (ignore the KAT-TUN in there...), some sword fighting. Ironically...even though it stars NEWS and KAT-TUN and KAT-TUN were jrs. still....KAT-TUN seem to be the stars of this..... The backstage is A TON of fun to watch! You get to see Yamapi being BFF with Jin. Kusano being werid, and Tegoshi beats up everyone in NEWS and KAT-TUN!

Tokyo Superstars
This is a swedish documentary that follows two song writers who write a lot of Johnny's songs (and NEWS songs) NEWS and Tegomasu are featured in this (there is a little bit of an obsession with Tackey from Tackey and Tsubasa too ^__^) It's really cool to watch and you get to see a lot of stuff about Tegomassu and NEWS that you can't really see anywhere else. The two song writers are really funny too...they become complete fanboys at the end ^__^
**I can't find this ANYWHERE. I have it on my computer but I can't remember who uploaded it. I don't want to upload something without permission.

Part 6!
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Oh my God!! I loved this post!! NewS!!!!!!

Really, Koi no ABO is very very funny and is one of my favourite songs of NewS.

I like Taiyou no Namida (emo song O.o Oh! nO!!!) The dance in the rain is the best part of the clip. Uohhh!!!

Thanks for the links xD

PS: I don't write in english very well (I'm brazilian). Gomen!!
you're good ne...
compiled all of the discography and etc etc...
i like this kind of pimp post...
its really fun...
it's me again ^^
haven't finish reading but NEWS Nippon released in November 7 2003
how to remember? According to Shige (birthday is 7/11, CD release 11/7, sold in 7/11) he is smart, right? XDD
AH!! I did know that >.< typo~ thank you for catching it! I'll fix it right away!!