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Pimp Post part 6!

This is the last part!! This part consists of more "fangirling" Mainly pictures and videos~


Basically Everything I just said about the members >.< This is an introduction rap that NEWS did for their Pacific concert. Everyone wrote lyrics for each other (so like...Shige wrote the rap he did about Koyama)

NEWS ChaChaCha game

Playing Twister with Women's volleyball team!

The part with NEWS starts at like 3:00 (except Yamapi gets to play newscaster in the beginning)

Shige's fake smile and Ryo-chan being mean~

Yamapi team vs. Ryo-chan team!

NEWS on Hey!Hey!Hey! for Koi no ABO

Love Confessions~~

Tegoshi's smile is werid, Ryo is scared of Shige, Massu has weird hair, and Shige confesses to Kusano. Embedding is disabled so here's a Link

NEWS wo Abake take 1

Koi no ABO and NEWS wo Abake take 2

A must watch!!!!!

NEWS Winter Diamond Party MC from the Koi no ABO DVD~

NEWS on Utaban after they returned

This is so funny!! They best appearance on Utaban ever!!

NEWS does lots of advertising for this clothing brand called RUSS-K. Here are the commercials for that~

Massu and Tegoshi

Koyama and Ryo

Shige and Yamapi

Koyama, Massu Yamapi

Ryo, Tegoshi, Shige

All of 6!

winter CM

Spring version in HAWAII!

Summer RUSS-K

Lawson CM~

Not linking all of them though ><

NEWS "talent" show on Hey!x3

Making of Summer Time

Making of Taiyou no Namida

Making of Happy Birthday

Making of Koi No ABO

Picspam time~~~


And that's it!!!

Thank you everyone for going through this monstrosity of a pimp post!!! Please continue to love NEWS and Spread the NEWS love!!!

all pictures came from either Vendy's blog, news_jpop, or boys_paper If anything belongs to you and you would like credit or for me to take it down please let me know!!

once again Thank you and I hope you enjoyed this!!
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