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Pimp Post part 2

The members

Yamashita Tomohisa. aka the popular one~
Birthday: April 9, 1985 (24)

Yamashita Tomohisa is the Leader of NEWS. He goes by the nickname YamaPi, given to him by Tackey&Tsubasa's Takizawa Hideaki. The Pi stands for PINK. because he used to wear lots of pink. cute ^_^ Even though Yamapi is the leader of NEWS, most of the time he doesn't act like it. Out of NEWS, Yamapi has been in Johnny's for the longest period of time. He was very popular as a Junior. He was even the leader of the Juniors after Tackey debuted. Yamapi is NEWS's most popular member, so he gets the most solos in songs and more often than not he is the center of dance formations.

Along with singing and dancing, Yamapi has a very large acting resume. He has been in somewhere around 24 dramas (this includes, serial dramas, specials, and quest appearances). He has also been in Two movies (the first was Shinrei "saafaa no Shi" when he was not apart of Johnny's and the second was Kurosagi the movie). Some fans do debate his acting skils, but I think generally, Yamapi is a good actor. He has won numerous awards for his wide variety of roles. Notable roles inculde Yamapi as Shun Mizuno in Ikebukuro West Gate Park (Chibi! Yamapi!!), Kengo Iwasaki in Stand Up!, the ever Hilarious and werid Akira Kusano in Nobuta wo Produce, and most recently, Kamiya Naoki in Buzzer Beat

Yamapi is special so he gets to do lots of special things. In 2005, along with Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN, he released the single "Seishun Amigo" as "Shuji to Akira." Seishun Amigo was the theme song to Nobuta wo Produce. Seishun Amigo is one of Japan's fastest selling singles EVER (it sold over a million copies in four weeks, best selling single in 2005 and 3rd best in 2006). During NEWS's Hiatus he released "Fever to Future" with Thai duo Golf and Mike as GYM. Also in 2006 he released his first (and only) solo single "Daite Senorita" for his drama Kurosagi.

When NEWS was formed, Yamapi was not exactly happy about it. Before NEWS he was in the Junior group 4TOPS along with BFFs Ikuta Toma, Kazama Shunsuke, and Hasegawa Jun. 4TOPS was very popular and the fans and the boys thought that they would debut. But before Yamapi knew it (or rather...didn't know it) he was put in NEWS. Yamapi didn't know many of the members well besides Nishikido and he didn't take the time/want to get to know them since he thought the group was temporary and he'd be back with 4TOPS soon. Turns out, NEWS was there to stay and Yamapi had to deal with NEWS. It took a long time for Yamapi to get to like NEWS.

But Yamapi loves them now. When NEWS was told that they were being suspended, Yamapi didn't cry. He said he COULDN'T cry because he Had to be strong for the others (one of his rare Leader moments). Also, right before NEWS went on stage at their comeback concert Yamapi told the rest of NEWS "This is our fresh start" Those words had a lot of impact on the rest of the NEWS members. He is constantly worrying about NEWS.

Random Yamapi Facts:
Yamapi joined Johnny's because he admired Takizawa Hideaki and wanted to be in dramas.
He has a cellphone diary that he has updated EVERYDAY for six years
His best friends include, Ikuta Toma, Akanishi Jin, Kazama Shunsuke, Nishikido Ryo and Shirota Yu.
He is very forgetful and very "my pace" (Koyama is always screwing the lid back on pi's water bottle. he also leaves things like KEYS in the bathroom)
He's got MOOBS
He's very close to Takizawa Hideaki.
He graduated with a Marketing degree from Meiji University in 2008 (a semester later than expected)
He says that after studying Marketing he understands why NEWS was formed
He likes surfing and the sea (his most favorite place!)

Here are some more Yamapi videos
Gomen Juliet
Gomen Juliet take two
Love song
Love XXX
Let Me

You can also download Yamapi's episode of Shonen Club Premium.

Nishikido Ryo aka The mean one~
November 3, 1984 (25)

Nishikido Ryo. Most fans and his close friends call this Osaka native, Ryo-chan. He earned this nickname beause it took him FOREVER to grow up. He was tiny for the longest time (he's like 15 in that video. For serious). But now He's grown up to be a very nice looking man.
As a junior, Ryo-chan was very popular. He got to release a special cd with dai-senpai Higashiyama from Shonentai called Secert Agent Man (again...he's 15). Ryo-chan was ADORABLE as a junior. But Ryo-chan got a little too cocky with his popularity and started to slack off with his work, so Johnny-san sent him back to Osaka with the rest of the Kansai Jrs. During this time the Kansai Jrs. virtually had no work. Good way to deflate his ego.
While Yamapi is the Leader and Face of NEWS, Nishikido is the Boss. He makes sure everyone is kept in line and doing everything right. He's known for having a poison tongue (He made Ueda CRY *you have to download that one*), but Ryo is actually really shy (look at him! He can't even look at girls!!). Within NEWS his favorite target seems to be Shige. He would tell Shige to cut his hair all the time and that Shige scared him. But really, most of the mean things he says he does out of love. Shige and Ryo are better now. From time to time they go out to dinner and it sounds like they fun.

Ryo is a very good actor. scratch that...he's an AWESOME actor. He's gotten lots of awards for his roles and they are well deserved. He's very good at doing the "emo" thing. A lot of his characters are deep or have some type of problem. He's very good at showing different emotions. Some of his most memorable roles include Asou Haruto from 1 Litre of Tears, the abusive Sosuke from Last Friends, and recently in Orthros no Inu he plays a gentle teacher who can kill just by touching someone. Ryo's gotten a lot of compliments and awards for his acting ability. Unfortunately, he's never had a lead role in a serial drama. He did however have the lead role in this year's 24 hour television special drama.
He's also the only Johnny who is in two active groups. Ryo is also a part of Kanjani 8. Ryo is often asked which group he likes better but he always avoids the question. A lot of fans think that Ryo changes his personality when He's with each group. In my opinion I think this isn't really true. Ryo-chan is a lot closer to Kanjani 8 since they've spent more time together, but I don't think he becomes a different person when he's with them. NEWS and Kanjani 8 are two very different groups with very different people in them. I think his different "personalities" are just him reacting to different types of people.

Random Ryo Facts:
He's BFFs with Uchi Hiroki. (he wrote uchi 6 letters while uchi was on hiatus. they made uchi CRY). He also got to act as Uchi's brother in the Drama Isshun no Kaze ni Nare (Uchi's comeback drama)
Ryo writes the lyrics and music to all of his solos
He loves to spoil Tegoshi
On March 1st 2009 Ryo caused a car accident and gave some old lady wiplash. Apparently he "voluntarily" gave up his drivers license for 6 months.
In 2006 he held some solo concerts which sold out pretty quickly (2 hours of just Ryo? I'm there in a heartbeat ^__^)
He's a fan of the model Leah Dizon and is an adorable Fanboy.
More Ryo-chan Videos!
Sangatsu Kokonoka (originally by Remioromen)
Care (originally by Akanishi Jin)
Konayuki (originally by Remioromen)
First love (originally by Utada Hikaru
Just watch this video

Koyama Keiichiro
(5. 1. 1984) 25

Koyama is the oldest member of NEWS, he's also the MC of NEWS. Koyama joined Johnny's when he was in his first year of high school (16). This is actually considered late because most boys join when they're about 11 or 12. I actually don't think that most people could tell that Koyama was 17 when he joined. (Shige thought that Koyama was still in middle school when they first met) Koyama is very friendly. He knows a lot of people and a lot of Celebrities (apparently he's got a separate contact list in his phone just for celebrities).

Koyama's acting resume isn't as large as some of his group members. He does a lot of one episode guest appearances in dramas now-a-days (such as in Kurosagi and Yukan Club). He does how ever get to do a lot of stage plays. He played Troy Bolton in a production of High School Musical. He also stared in a play called Call which is based off of the American film, Phonebooth. Koyama is most known for his MC or talking skills. He hosts the Johnny's Jr. show, The Shonen Club, along with KAT-TUN's Nakamaru Yuichi. He's helped host several other shows (Like Ya-Ya-yah and Ashita Tsukaeru Shinrigaku! Teppan Note)

Koyama is the one that seems to care the most about NEWS. He seems to have coined the term "member ai" which refers to the various types of Love that the NEWS members give each other. The name of Koyama's Jweb Diary is "member ai" He's constantly giving fans little stories about the antics that NEWS gets up to~ When NEWS was first formed and no one really got a long the MC portions of their concerts were really boring and almost....silent. It was Koyama who decided to try and fix this problem. Koyama is good at talking and reading situations, so he used these talents to help guide the MC sections. He used to carry around a notebook and write down things he could mention in the MC to get everyone to start talking. Now NEWS doesn't need that. Lots of reports say that NEWS is always talking about funny and random things during their MCs. Koyama is still the leader of them, but they definitely don't need his notebook anymore ^__^

Another thing that's worth mention about Koyama is, his house is a Ramen shop! I am pretty sure he still lives at home (I think only Massu and Koyama live with their parents now). Apparently it's pretty good! His mom is supposed to be really nice (and you can tell right away that she's his mother.) The shop is decorated with NEWS and Koyama related things and there is a basket with pamphlets from concerts and plays that Koyama has been in (apparently there is a pamphlet from one of Shige's plays in there too! ^__^) There is a big map of Japan (possibly there is a world map now? I don't really know) that has little keychains or phonestrap like things from fans! If you give it to Koyama's mother then she'll put in on the map in the place where you're from! Directions can be found here and here. They also have a website, it's just got like their menu on it, so don't like...stalk it.

Random Koyama Facts:
He is constantly made fun of for his Single lidded eyes
He's really into Karate now! Last time we heard he was at Blue belt so he's probably a higher rank now
He completely spoils his two nephews Haru and Ren. He also watches NEWS concert DVDs with them too! (teaches them the little dances too~)
Graduated from Meiji University with a Degree in Asian History
He sucks at Kanji.
He has a cat named Nyanta
For 24HRTV Koyama learned sign language to work with deaf kids and he was so inspired that he is working hard to pass the sign language certification exam!

More Koyama!
Koyama on a date!
This time you get to go on a date with him!
This solo is awesome
NEWS crack at its best
They really do love him okay?
Love Addiction
Private Hearts

Part 3!
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